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How Hemp Fibers Can be Used

At the KannaKraft Shop, we have a passion for hemp, CBD, and all things cannabis. We believe in using every piece of the plant, supporting our environment, and reaping the benefits of nature’s greatest gifts. We live by the motto: “Educate then Medicate.” We do our very best to ensure our customers and patients are always receiving accurate info regarding their wellness and the products they are using. The use of hemp fibers in textiles has been a rather controversial topic for some time. It is now finally starting to get the recognition it deserves. This blog will cover what hemp fiber is, what it can be used for, and why we believe choosing hemp fibers is the best way to go.

What is Hemp Fiber?Hemp fiber for crafts and more

Hemp fibers are one of the strongest natural fibers around. Hemp fiber is derived from the cannabis hemp plant. Their biodegradability and low density in comparison to artificial fibers has caused the use of hemp fibers to be more widely accepted as reinforcements in composite materials. Hemp fibers typically measure anywhere from 3 to 15 feet, the length of the plant. Hemp fibers contain a porous surface area, responsible for its supreme performance. They are so strong due to their length and natural protection they provide for the plant in the wild.

What Can Hemp be Used for in Industries?

A wonderful quality of hemp fibers is that they provide the same performance as synthetic fibers, while still maintaining the soft feel of cotton. At the KannaKraft Shop, we love using our hemp rope to make beautiful DIY crafts and clothing that you can view here. Due to its tensile strength being almost two times that of cotton, various uses for hemp fiber can be applied to many industries. From home insulation, twine and rope, molding, carpet, paper, super-polymers, textiles and so much more, hemp fibers is approaching a new norm. BMW and other companies use hemp fibers to reinforce door panels for a lighter weight and better safety standards. When looking at hemp fibers under a microscope, you will see they contain alcoves that run from end to end. Alcoves cause the plant to absorb moisture and be more breathable. The anatomy of hemp fibers also causes them to also have the best heat capacity ratio compared to other natural fibers making hemp a superior choice for clothing and outerwear. Air gets trapped in the pores of the fiber, which absorbs body heat and converts into insulation. The airflow system within hemp fibers works to keep the wearer warm in the cold weather, and cool in the warmer weather. When faced with moisture, hemp fibers are fast-drying, thus providing resistance against mildew growth and anaerobic bacteria.

Why Choose Hemp Fiber?Hemp fiber and the benefits

Hemp fibers are drastically improving industries nationwide. These durable, natural fibers have proven to be a better choice compared to many other natural and synthetic fibers. Hemp is an abundant, low-maintenance crop requiring little chemical maintenance during the growing process. It adapts easily to climate change, and other environmental stressors. Hemp is extremely comfortable to wear, and makes wonderful twine and rope for DIY craft projects. Visit us today to learn more about hemp fiber – and why we have so much passion for this plant! Find us on Bangor Street in Augusta, Maine!

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