10 Pack – Take your CBD on the go with our capsules! We use the best of the best materials and nothing else! Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil is delivered in an MCT Coconut oil to enhance so many aspects naturally found in CBD such as a clear, level head and increased reception to beneficial effects. Start with a pack of 10 individual capsules containing 10MG of Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

30 Pack – Capsules are arguably the easiest way to consume CBD, and furthermore, remember your daily dose. With 10MG in each dissolving capsule, this option is a 30 pack for a total of 300MG of Full Spectrum CBD Oil. Once you’ve seen the amazing benefits that so many have found in CBD, you’ll find the value in buying bulk!

60 + $1 each -Our seasoned customers and CBD advocates everywhere sometimes prefer to stock up on their doses. We offer the valuable high bang for your buck of bulk stores without the membership fees. After you’re seeing the 30 pack is smaller than you’d like to have on hand, we start charging by the capsule at a lower price per unit of $1 for 60 or more capsules only.

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10MG Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

10 Pack – CBD has been reported to change the lives of countless people all over the world. With so many ways to consume, an organic capsule is easy and quick dose. Whether you prefer the vitamin effect offered by a capsule form or struggle finding another way to dose throughout your day, we’ve got your back. Our Full Spectrum CBD oil is carried throughout your body by MCT Coconut oil, which is a supplement also found commonly in health smoothies and other foods. A dissolving capsule provides a longer-lasting effect compared to smoke-able CBD or even oils. CBD has been shown and recognized by many to help with numerous aspects of your health. From getting a better night’s sleep to improved focus while you’re awake, a 10MG capsule is a great morning or nighttime addition to your routine.

30 Pack – These capsules are everything you need, and nothing that you don’t. Organic capsules dissolve for an extended-release compared to smoke-able or oil methods of ingestion and contain the perfect little 10MG dose. MCT Coconut oil delivers CBD throughout your body quickly and efficiently while leaving behind evidence of its’ own benefits. Medium Chain Triglycerides, or MCTs, are most known for their energy-boosting quality and helping gain clarity with improved cognitive function. So not only does MCT Coconut oil help CBD by acting as a carrier oil, it helps your body’s function on its’ own as well. The main difference in how CBD can affect your body based on the ingestion method is really only time before the onset of effect. Underlying digestive issues may be relieved quicker by the capsule passing through, whereas a clear head may take 20 to 30 minutes to notice the change.

60 + $1 eachEach capsule has 10MG of Full Spectrum CBD oil encased inside of an organic and dissolving membrane for extended-release when compared to smoking or ingesting an oil tincture. Using only premium MCT Coconut oil as a carrier oil for the CBD to enter your digestive system is ideal due to coconut’s antibacterial properties ensuring your body can take it all in. MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) are found naturally in coconuts making this carrier oil the most organic flow for ingestion. Whether you take a capsule at night for the sleep benefits or when you first wake up for the improved focus and cognitive abilities, you’ll most definitely find the value in having 60 or more capsules if possible for your situation.


10 Pack, 30 Pack, 60 Pack, 60+ $1 Per Cap


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