As you are all aware, Kanna Kraft places a high value on quality and customer satisfaction. As a result, the components of our Macrame Feather earrings are elegant, functional, and aesthetically attractive! In addition to that, our handcrafted Macrame Feather Earrings serve as a wonderful demonstration to the rest of the world of how hemp can be used to make an enormous difference at an affordable price. This item, which has been created utilizing Macrame knots and hemp, which is the strongest natural fiber available, is bursting with love and dedication.

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Aside from these earrings being individually created, they also come with various ear wire alternatives, including silver and gold plated, to meet your own style preferences. In terms of the overall look, the hand-stitched thread creates a feather-like look on each pair of hemp macrame feather earrings. It also has a variety of hemp yarn colors. To top it off, these Handmade Hemp Macrame Feather Earrings are fashioned completely with natural hemp rope. These earrings are available with either silver or gold hooks, depending on your taste in jewelry. Furthermore, this item ensures that you will be able to boldly demonstrate your support for HEMP without losing your personal sense of style. So whether your purpose is to make a fashion statement or just want to show your support for hemp, purchasing our handcrafted earrings is the most efficient way to make a difference for the least amount of money possible.

Ear Wire Options

Silver, Gold Plated


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