Looking for a clean, odor free and discreet way to intake your CBD? CBD Vape Carts are a convenient and easy way to take your CBD wherever you go. Aside from using flower or a full spectrum CBD tincture, vaping is another way to quickly feel the effects of CBD.

Our KK Full Spectrum CBD Vape Carts now come in three varieties:

Sativa – Daytime | Hybrid | Indica – Nighttime

Wether you are using your CBD to help with anxiety or stress during the day or in the evenings for pain and sleep, we have a different option for both. If you find you enjoy using your vape for a variety of reasons, both day and evenings then going with a hybrid mix may work best for you.

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Putting Full Spectrum CBD in a cart allows the user to obtain any battery and take convenient and effortless hits off their product. Mental clarity, inflammation relief, relaxing the body are all things people report about our CBD products every day. The KannaKraft Shop is determined to offer a range of Full Spectrum CBD in forms all our customers will enjoy.


Sativa(Daytime), Hybrid, Indica(Nighttime)


1 Cart, 2 Carts


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