Do It Yourself Hemp Craft Kit Macrame Wristlet is a great starter kit for anyone who is interested in learning how to do macrame. This kit includes all the materials you need to make a simple hemp macrame wristlet, all you need is a small amount of time and some determination. With clear instructions and all the necessary supplies, you can make this cool project in just a few hours.

This Do It Yourself Hemp Craft Kit Macrame Wristlet is versatile and eco-friendly. Our hemp craft kit provides everything you need to make a hemp macrame wristlet. For your convenience, all you’ll need to have is a pair of scissors and a few hours of your time. This is a great project whether you’re a beginner or an experienced crafter. It can be used as a wristlet, a small clutch, or a bag for your makeup. This kit comes with pre-cut hemp rope, a silver keychain hook as well as detailed step-by-step instructions. Certainly, this is perfect for anyone who wants to make a handmade gift for someone special or just to add a little something to their wardrobe. The instructions that come with it are easy to follow, and all the included supplies are high-quality. This kit is made with 100% hemp and is safe for people with sensitive skin.


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