It shouldn’t really be a surprise that a person’s love of cannabis may serve as a vehicle for developing close personal relationships and fostering strong emotional ties. Nevertheless, you can always increase your feelings of closeness with someone even if you don’t have a secret recipe for quickly bonding with them. One way is to ensure that you’ll always have a visual reminder of that relationship, like a cannabis sticker.

Fortunately, at the Kannakraft shop, cannabis stickers are one of the many products they boast about. The Pass That Joint design, which measures 4.25″L x 0.75″W, is intended for anybody who wants to engage with others in a nonjudgmental setting. This pattern is also ideal for personalizing your belongings, such as your laptop, water bottle, and even your tote bag! KannaKraft provides a 6 Hands with a Joint design, which serves as a reminder of how cannabis may unite you not only to the outside world but also to yourself. However, do note that the hand sizes of each sticker vary (2-4.25″L x 1.5″-2.25″W). Consequently, these handmade digital sticker packs provide you with an unrivaled opportunity to exhibit your love for cannabis via creative expression. What’s more, by using these stickers, you may build connections in an engaging, cost-effective, and pleasant way.


3in, 4 in, 5 in, 6 in, 7 in, 8 in


White, Black, Green, Holographic


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