In cannabis culture, the phrase “marijuana bud” refers to the trichome-coated smoking section of the female cannabis plant. This signifies that the plant is ready for smoking. However, not everyone is aware of this. Fortunately, the Kannakraft store is committed to educating patients and consumers about cannabis via innovative initiatives like home décor, clothes, cuisine, and even cannabis sticker packs. Therefore, if you’re looking for low-cost educational material, Kannakarft stickers are an excellent option.

These stickers offer two unique designs: Cannabis Buds and Grinded for Joints. The initial design is based on the consumable section of the plant, which is available in various forms. Hence, each bud is unique in terms of look, smell, texture, taste, and effects, all of which may be represented on the sticker. The Grinded for Joints design, on the other hand, presents a fine, consistent grind that results in a smooth draw when presented. This design is ideal for personalizing cannabis grinders, the crutch, wrapping paper, joint rolls, and other similar items. Both stickers share the dimension of 2.75–3.25” L x 1.2-3” W, making them the perfect size for a minimalist cannabis enthusiast. On top of that, these stickers are made in high-quality sticker materials!  All in all, these sticker designs can cater to anyone who wishes to incorporate cannabis into their life through a creative aspect. So grab yours now!


3in, 4 in, 5 in, 6 in, 7 in, 8 in


White, Black, Green, Holographic


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