10 Pack – Each one of our bodies requires a different dose of CBD to get the desired result. Kannafraft has worked to create this super strength formula for our customers whose bodies are accustomed to heavier CBD or even THC use. Each capsule contains 60MG of Full Spectrum CBD encased to dissolve for extended release. A 10 pack is the perfect stepping stone in dosage for our customers.

30 Pack – Stock your medicine cabinet with a 30 pack of our super strength Full Spectrum CBD capsules! Whether you already know exactly what your body requires or you’re making an educated guess, the best bang for your buck comes from buying in bulk. With 60MG of high quality, Full Spectrum CBD carried by MCT Coconut Oil in each capsule, you’re getting a whole lot of CBD per dollar compared to regular strength capsules.

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Super Strength
60MG Full Spectrum CBD Capsules
10 Pack – Using the highest quality CBD available leads to an amazing quality capsule. As a carrier, MCT Coconut oil is the most beneficial option in our opinion. Not only can Medium Chain Triglycerides help with overall cognitive function and a clear mind, they have been shown by many people to improve sleeping patterns and ease the struggles of insomnia. A capsule as opposed to a tincture or smoking CBD is a super convenient and precise way of getting your daily dose. With a dissolving coating, the Full Spectrum CBD can enter the body’s digestive system after approximately 20 to 30 minutes from ingestion. Our Full Spectrum CBD capsules are created with attention to detail ensuring a quality product inside every unit.

30 Pack – MCT Coconut oil is the carrier oil in all variations of our Full Spectrum CBD capsules, and for good reason! MCTs are Medium Chain Triglycerides reported by so many to improve health in a number of notable ways, including weight loss and sleep pattern regularity. Our customers return day after day with testimonials and reorders for CBD products, especially our super strength options. From the athlete who understands their tolerance to a above average CBD consumer, the super strength capsules from The Kannakraft Shop are someone’s perfect dose.


10 Pack, 30 Pack


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