Tinctures are an effective and easy way to dose your body with the beyond belief relief of CBD. Start your journey of alternative plant medicine with this 300MG bottle of our potent recipe. Available in tasteless and peppermint, this size contains 15 doses of 20MG, fulfilling a 15 day supply for most patients. We only use Full Spectrum Hemp oil for maximum results per dose.

If  you’ve already reaped the healing qualities so many others have reported while using CBD, stock up with a 30 day supply. A 30ML bottle is broken down into individual doses that may vary for patients. Our recommendation is to integrate a full dropper containing 20MG per day to evenly distribute the 600MG of Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil.

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300MG -15ML Bottle -Peppermint Flavored or Non-Flavored
Dosing: 20MG Full Spectrum CBD Per Dropper

.5mg Full Spectrum CBD per drop || 10mg per half dropper (.5ML) || 20mg per full dropper (1ML)
[There are 15 doses of 20mg CBD per bottle) 15 Day Supply

Starting with Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil, we strictly follow all FDA rules and regulations when inspecting samples of the oils used in The Kannakraft Shop’s products. Our goal was and always will be to craft a potent combination of proven ingredients to help our patients and pets heal. We believe in the benefits of MCT Coconut oil to deliver and enhance so many properties of CBD. While maintaining countless health benefits, it happens to be more than capable of withstanding the high temperatures required to craft a tincture properly. Peppermint has been used for hundreds of years as a natural pain reliever and muscle relaxant. We use only pure peppermint extract to ensure the effectiveness of our tinctures. Alternatively and for our furry friends that need our help, we created a tasteless, flavorless tincture to cater to a wider range of patients. With all of these quality materials are combined, the benefits are seen time after time.


600MG – 30ML Bottle – Peppermint or Non Flavored – $45.00
Dosing: 20MG Full Spectrum CBD Per Dropper
.5mg Full Spectrum CBD per drop || 10mg per half dropper (.5ML) || 20mg per full dropper (1ML)
[There are 30 doses of 20mg CBD per bottle) 30 Day Supply

Our CBD Tinctures are made from simple, organic materials. The Kannakraft Shop is committed to the safety and effectiveness of our products across the board. Tinctures are traditionally administered by a dropper to measure the dosage and placed under the tongue to absorb quickly into the bloodstream. Although the calming effects are rapid, much like a vitamin, the effects that are long-lasting and integrate inside the body will take a unique amount of time for each customer. We stand by the quality and consciousness that makes up each bottle. If tolerable for you, pure peppermint extract is a great additive to our recipe to enhance muscle and pain relief. Flavorless is a great variation to help our beloved dogs or other domestic mammals. Using top quality MCT Coconut oil is our key to delivering CBD while additionally reported aiding in boosting regularity in your cognitive function, feeling fuller longer, improving circulatory system productivity.


300MG – 15ML Bottle -Peppermint Flavored, 300MG – 15ML Bottle – Non-Flavored, 600MG – 30ML Bottle -Peppermint Flavored, 600MG – 30ML Bottle – Non-Flavored


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