10 Treats – For larger dogs or more severe cases, The Kannakraft Shop continues our model of having something for everyone into our dogs treats. We love all types of breeds and understand their difference in problems. Treating your furry friend with 10MG of Full Spectrum CBD baked into a delicious biscuit wins your owner of the day award. Most of us finally understand dogs have similar experiences with chronic pain as humans.

20 Treats – Stock your treat container at home with this 20 pack of 10MG Full Spectrum CBD dog treats! Sometimes we overlook that our dogs have similar struggles with psychological and physical pain. The Kannakraft Shop makes it tasty and safe to dose your furry friends with the same incredible benefits our Full Spectrum CBD products you use!

Our ingredients list is easy to read and puts your mind at ease with daily dosing.

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10MG Full Spectrum Dog Treats
10 Treats – Whether you’re seeking relief for your dog’s physical or psychological needs, there’s a sliding scale of pain for canine and human experiences. Depending on multiple variables like size, severity, etc, we have formulated a stronger dose using the same human-grade ingredients you can say out loud. The wheat flour, pumpkin puree, and peanut butter used are all organic and safe for all dogs. When incorporating Full Spectrum CBD into every batch, we use MCT Coconut oil to quickly distribute the dose throughout their little dog circulatory system. CBD has been used for many dogs’ separation anxiety, PTSD, muscle and joint aches, and so much more! No one knows your dog like you do, and we make it affordable and tasty to medicate your furry friend.

20 Treats – Our ingredients list is easy to read and puts your mind at ease with daily dosing. Starting with organic peanut butter and organic pumpkin puree, we can confidently say our dog treats are made better than some of our meals. Whole wheat flour is what forms these treats! We chose MCT Coconut oil as our carrier for Full Spectrum CBD due to its quick to absorb nature and independent health benefits to canines and humans alike. Our bodies process CBD in a very similar was as dogs, giving us the opportunity to show them the same relief we can experience.


10 Treats, 20 Treats


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