Each and every person’s body processes things differently, and CBD is no exception. Our extra strength 15ML bottle contains a combined dose of 600MG of Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil. Following The Kannakraft Shop recommendations, this size lasts as a 15 day supply. Each full dropper of 1ML equates to 40MG of our potent tincture. The added dosage from regular strength is for regular or tolerant CBD patients.

Part of the many who already use and love our tinctures? A full 30 day supply of our extra-strength formula is available in flavorless or infused with peppermint extract. Each unit contains 1200MG of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for a highly potent dose at a great value. A full dropper contains 40MG of clean CBD, which is about 1MG per single drop.

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600MG – 15ML Bottle -Peppermint or Non Flavored
Dosing: 40mg Ful Spectrum CBD Per Dropper
1MG Full Spectrum CBD per drop || 20mg per half dropper (.5ML) || 40mg per full dropper (1ML)
[There are 15 doses of 40mg CBD per bottle] 15 Day Supply

The balance of ingredients and safe production methods is what sets our CBD tinctures apart from others on the market. Pride is taken to ensure each bottle is effective and meets or exceeds all standards set by the FDA and ourselves. Inside every unit contains a blend of quality materials that work with premium Full Spectrum CBD. MCT Coconut oil is used not only because of its ability to withstand the heat required but Medium-Chain Triglycerides are known for significant cognitive and energetic benefits. If you’re not using this tincture for your pet and you order our Peppermint extract infused tincture, you may also see the decongestant and digestive relief like many generations before us.

1200MG -30ML Bottle – Peppermint or Non Flavored
Dosing: 40mg Ful Spectrum CBD Per Dropper
1MG Full Spectrum CBD per drop || 20mg per half dropper (.5ML) || 40mg per full dropper (1ML)
[There are 30 doses of 40mg CBD per bottle] 30 Day Supply

Our Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil is thoughtfully derived and always the star of the show with every bottle. Fully compliant with all business practices, The Kannakraft Shop is meticulous in maintaining clean and safe procedures while formulating and producing this line of game-changing tinctures. We take great care in the selected materials to aid CBD in saturation and effectiveness from MCT coconut oil to only pure peppermint extract. Our flavorless tinctures are not only effective for those with a sensitivity, but omitting peppermint ensures safety to dose and treat them with Full SPectrum CBD as well. MCT Coconut oil is known for it’s numorous acts of service like promoting weight loss for example. MCTs, or medium chain triglycerides, break down quickly to not store fat, release hormones for feeling full and content, and works with the good cholesterol in our body. Our concious choices directly influence the resulting product everyday and we have seen glowing reviews!


600MG – 15ML Bottle -Peppermint Flavored, 600MG – 15ML Bottle – Non-Flavored, 1200MG – 30ML Bottle -Peppermint Flavored, 1200MG – 30ML Bottle – Non-Flavored


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