10 Treats – Grace your family’s furry friend with the same relief we’ve seen in thousands of dogs to date. Fido is sure to love the tasty ingredients, and you’re sure to love the effects! Calm your pup’s separation anxiety or relieve the old dog’s joint pain with our 5MG Full Spectrum CBD dog treats. After all, we love our dogs like family and want them to be just as comfortable.

20 Treats – Fido is family to us and to most of our customers, so we made it possible to show them the same benefits we see daily from CBD. Just 5MG of Full Spectrum CBD is enough dose to relieve minor muscle and joint pain, and calm the busy mind of our furry friends. We only use ingredients safe enough to feed our children when baking for our dogs.

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5MG Full Spectrum Dog Treats
10 Treats – Using organic, human-grade ingredients shows how much care we take in your family’s pooch and their health. We make our dog treats for our own to enjoy as well! With whole wheat flour, organic pumpkin puree, organic peanut butter and baking in MCT Coconut oil carrying Full Spectrum CBD, you can pronounce every ingredient (and it may be higher quality than you feed yourself – we know we don’t always eat fully organic!). Dogs endocannabinoid system works similarly to humans’ essentially allowing us to give them a smaller dose and expect similar effects. Our dogs experience muscle aches, sleepless nights, and days where it’s hard to focus just like we do. Why not offer them the same relief in a tasty treat?

20 Treats – You’re able to pronounce and probably find most or all of the ingredients besides CBD in our Full Spectrum CBD dog treats. Each one is made with love, and the following ingredients: whole wheat flour, organic peanut butter, organic pumpkin puree, MCT Coconut oil, and CBD of course. MCT Coconut oil stands for Medium Chain Triglyceride and is a lot simpler than it sounds – just a fatty acid found in regular coconut oil and other healthy food options. CBD works in humans in a similar fashion to how it works in dogs, due to our endocannabinoid systems being alike. We know most families treat their dogs like one of their kids and would spend hundreds if not thousands at the vet if there was something wrong. Our Full Spectrum CBD dog treats are intended to help with minor joint and muscle aches as well as ease anxiety and calm our pooch’s mind.


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